Vitreous floaters are formed inside the eyeball
Vitreous floaters are formed inside the eyeball
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Marketing para ópticas

Symptoms and treatments of vitreous floaters

» Vitreous floaters may induce ocular complications. » It is necessary to inform about its causes, symptoms, and treatments. 

Between the crystalline lens and the retina inside of the eyeball, there is a fluid known as vitreous humour, which properties allow maintain the ocular shape. However, the vitreous properties suffer a deterioration process with the age, reducing its volume and transparency. Concretely, such changes induce that the collagen fibres float inside of the vitreous humour. When we look at the clear sky or screenings of electronic devices, is possible that shadows appear in our visual field. Indeed, theses shadows in the visual field are produced by particles that float inside of the eyeball, condition known as vitreous floaters

"Vitreous floaters may appear in diabetes mellitus patients, after cataract surgery, as in patients with ocular traumatisms or high myopia among others..."

In many situations, vitreous floaters occur as consequence of a normal progress associated with aging changes, although is frequent that young patients refer its presence. Likewise, other risk factors may induce the manifestation of vitreous floaters. Although in many situations vitreous floaters not supposed medical emergency is convenient to analyse the ocular fundus and the vitreous body because complications as posterior vitreous detachment or retinal detachment may appear. Precisely, from we plan content marketing and social media strategies about vitreous floaters in online platforms from hospitals, ophthalmological clinics, and optical establishments in Spanish speaking countries. Our strategies will allow increasing the awareness on the need of ophthalmologic revisions of the ocular fundus in presence of vitreous floaters. Likewise, our strategies will allow that the population knows the different treatments of the vitreous floaters as vitrectomy or YAG laser vitreolysis. Nevertheless, YAG laser vitreolysis is not recommended when vitreous floaters are near to the crystalline lens or the retina because the impact of the laser pulses can produce complications as crystalline lens opacification or retinal damage, respectively. Also, from our international project we edit contents about the complications and treatments of vitreous floaters for the diffusion of postgraduate courses or master’s degrees with the aim that the academic community receives more information about the training programs.


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