To relieve the symptoms of dry eye it is necessary to use artificial tears
To relieve the symptoms of dry eye it is necessary to use artificial tears
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Diagnosis and treatment of dry eye

» Certain causes induce symptoms of ocular dryness. » Advances in the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye have been realized.

Dry eye is a condition that induces different symptoms, and in extreme situations deterioration of the quality of patients’ vision. Concretely, ocular dryness induces ocular irritation, blurred vision, light sensitivity, foreign body sensation, itching, stinging, redness, among other symptoms. It is estimated that the prevalence of the dry eye or also called ocular dryness varies between 10% and 20% of the world population. Concretely, the main factor associated with symptomatology of dry eye not only depends on the lachrymal quality but also some ocular surgery, medication, environmental factors or certain habits among others can contribute to its development. For example, it is considered that age, alterations in Meibomian glands or laser refractive surgery are some of the causes that contribute to its development. Likewise, environment factors influence considerably in the symptomatology of ocular dryness, due to the near exposition to diverse heating systems or air conditioners increase its symptoms. To prevent its symptomatology when heating systems or air conditioners are used is recommendable not keep the room closed. For this reason, is necessary to provide knowledge about its symptoms to the population. Also, patients with diabetes mellitus, ocular allergies, migraine or fibromyalgia among others may develop ocular dryness. 

"Due to the high incidence of symptoms of dry eye, it is necessary to plan strategies to inform to the population about its prevention, diagnosis, and treatment"

Due to the need of relieving the symptoms of dry eye, from our international project we edit contents for online platforms and portals according to the latest clinical advances, as research outcomes published in international journals and congresses. By means of our effective methods, working in equipment with the ophthalmological clinics and optical establishments, the population will receive updated information about the symptoms, prevention, and diagnosis of dry eye. Moreover, patients will receive information about the different treatments of dry eye as artificial tears, ocular lubricants, anti-inflammatory drugs, scleral contact lens and punctal occlusion, among others. Likewise, we plan content marketing strategies about the dry eye for the diffusion of postgraduate courses or master’s degrees from universities with the aim that the academic community receives more information about the training programs.


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1. Ane Murueta-Goyena Larrañaga, Javier Tomás-Juan. The influence of neuropathic in dry eye symptoms: a review of corneal pain pathways and potential changes in nervous system. J Emmetropia 2014; 5: 39-50.


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