Alzheimer is a degenerative disease that induces dementia and visual alterations
Alzheimer is a degenerative disease that induces dementia and visual alterations
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Visual and ocular symptoms in Alzheimer's patients

» Alzheimer is a degenerative disease that may induce symptoms in the vision. » Visual revisions are necessary for Alzheimer's patients.

Alzheimer is a degenerative disease that appears in patients with approximately 70 years old. Alzheimer's disease is a type of dementia that induces loss of cognitive ability and memory capacity in the population. Precisely, Alzheimer is considered the most common cause of dementia in advanced age. To date, a cure for Alzheimer has not been developed, but significant scientific advances to improve the life quality of the Alzheimer’s patients have been realized

"Alzheimer is a type of dementia that may induce visual and ocular symptoms. It is necessary that an ophthalmological specialist reviews the vision in consultation" 

The principal damage that induces the progression of the Alzheimer’s disease is the destruction of the brain cells, inducing with the time gradually dementia. However, although is not very known by the population, the progression of the Alzheimer’s disease may induce also ocular and visual symptoms. Concretely, different scientific studies published in international and national journals report that morphological changes in ocular structures, as vision alterations are produced in Alzheimer’s patients. For example, the progression of Alzheimer may induce morphological changes in the diverse ocular structures, especially in the retina, in the crystalline lens or in the optical nerve, among others... Likewise, besides the morphological changes induced in the different structures of the eyeball produced by the progression of the Alzheimer's disease, also may induce alterations in the visual acuity, in the stereopsis, in the ocular motility, in the contrast sensitivity, in the reading ability, or in the visual field between others... Indeed, due to the importance of performing an ophthalmological examination in Alzheimer’s patients, from our international project we plan content marketing and social media strategies in online platforms from ophthalmological clinics and hospitals. Our strategies will allow that the familiars of the patients affected by this degenerative disease be more aware of the importance of performing ophthalmological examinations, as also receive more information. Likewise, from our international project we edit clinical-scientific content about the ocular and visual alterations induced in Alzheimer’s patients for the diffusion of postgraduate courses or master’s degrees from universities internationally. Our content generation strategies will improve the visibility in social networks, as well as significantly will improve the web positioning naturally. Through our strategies, the specialties of the online projects of ophthalmology, optometry and optics will be more visible and popular. 

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