Presbyopia induces difficulty in near vision
Presbyopia induces difficulty in near vision
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Symptoms and presbyopia treatments

» Presbyopia induces symptoms in near vision. » Different treatments to improve the vision have been developed. 

Presbyopia is a condition that occurs approximately in the fourth decade of the life, which induces reading difficulty in near vision. The reduction in the accommodation ability in near vision in presbyopic patients is produced by internal changes in the crystalline lens. Precisely, the crystalline lens is located inside of the eyeball, which acts similarly to the zoom of a photographic camera to focus at different distances. 

"Presbyopia is a condition that causes near vision difficulty due to changes in the crystalline lens and in the zonular fibres mainly with the age"

The loss of vision produced in presbyopic patients is one of the most frequent questions realized in the optical establishments and ophthalmological clinics. Concretely, different solutions to improve the vision in presbyopic patients have been developed, as optical and surgical treatments mainly. For example, between the optical treatments stand out the ophthalmic (glasses) and contact lenses mainly. Nevertheless, among the surgical treatments to improve the vision in presbyopic patients stand out corneal surgery techniques, refractive lens exchange or intrastromal devices, mainly… Precisely, due to the necessity to provide information about the causes, symptoms, and outcomes of the different presbyopia treatments, from we plan content marketing and social media strategies for ophthalmological clinics, hospitals, and optical establishments. Our strategies will allow that the patients know the different treatments of presbyopia from their referral health centres. Likewise, from our international project we edit contents for the diffusion of postgraduate courses and masters internationally. 


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