It is necessary to use sunglasses with an ultraviolet filter in the beach
It is necessary to use sunglasses with an ultraviolet filter in the beach
Marketing para ópticas
Marketing para ópticas

Sunglasses with an ultraviolet filter in the beach

» Sunglasses prevent ocular pathologies from ultraviolet radiation exposure. » It is necessary to protect the vision in maritime places.

On sunny days in summer it is common to practice sports on the beach or relax enjoying the landscape, among other activities mainly. Currently, with the rise of the running or aquatic sports as paddle surf among others sports, it is frequent to see the beaches with a lot of people practicing their favourite sport. As it is well known, because the exposure to the ultraviolet radiation is greater on the beach, it is necessary to protect adequately the skin from the sunlight. However, it is not the only necessary protection in maritime places because solar radiations can damage the diverse ocular structures, according to has been proved in many national and international scientific studies. For this reason, is necessary to protect the vision of harmful radiations as ultraviolet light. Indeed, overexposure to ultraviolet radiation is known that may induce damage to the cornea, in the crystalline lens, in the retina or in the conjunctive mainly. For example, if sunglasses with an ultraviolet filter are not used especially in high mountain or in maritime places, conjunctival pathologies as pterygium or pinguecula among others can develop. If such pathologies develop will induce diverse manifestations in the ocular surface or inside the eyeball may be necessary medical treatment. Likewise, also theses ocular pathologies by ultraviolet exposure may induce several alterations in the optical and visual quality. For these reasons, it is convenient to increase the knowledge from the ophthalmic clinics, hospitals, and optical establishments on the use of sunglasses to prevent ocular pathologies for exposure to ultraviolet radiation in the beach. Logically the population will be very grateful for the services of visual education to prevent ocular pathologies provide by their sanitary centre. 

"Sunglasses are essential to protect the vision of the ultraviolet light, which may induce ocular pathologies in the retina, in the cornea, in the crystalline lens or even in the conjunctiva as pterygium or pinguecula mainly"

Precisely, from our international project we plan content marketing strategies in online platforms from ophthalmological clinics, hospitals as in optical establishments in all Spanish speaking countries. Our strategies of content generation and diffusion in social networks will allow transmitting the importance of the use of homologated sunglasses in the beach, in maritime places or in high mountain to prevent ocular pathologies by exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

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