Sunglasses are necessary in outdoor sports like cycling
Sunglasses are necessary in outdoor sports like cycling
Marketing para ópticas
Marketing para ópticas

Sunglasses for the sports practice

» Sunglasses in sports practice prevent ocular lesions. » Sunglasses provide ocular protection from ultraviolet light. 

Overexposure to ultraviolet radiation without protection, it is known that may induce dermatologic or ocular lesions, among others… Concretely, overexposure to ultraviolet radiation may induce lesions in the cornea, in the crystalline lens, in the retina or in the conjunctiva, between others… Nowadays, the population is more aware of the need to use sunscreens with high factor as homologated sunglasses in maritime places.  However, homologated sunglasses with an ultraviolet filter should be used not only in maritime places to tanning or to practice nautical sports, but also are necessary for other outdoor sports. 

"Sunglasses in outdoor sports as cycling protects from the ultraviolet radiation exposure and prevent ocular lesions by the impact of particles or insects on the eyeball"

Homologated sunglasses with ultraviolet filter must be used for the practice of outdoor sports independently of the weather station. Concretely, the use of sunglasses for the practice of sports as hiking, climbing, running or cycling among others is recommended. For example, in cycling, sunglasses are recommended because protecting of ultraviolet radiation, as preventing the impact of suspended particles or insects on the eyeball. Especially, in cycling the use of sunglasses is very important because it is a sport that may be practiced in the mountains enjoying nature, where ultraviolet radiation exposure is higher. Due to the need about the use of sunglasses with an ultraviolet filter in outdoor sports to prevent ocular lesions; from our international project, we plan content marketing and social media strategies in online platforms from hospitals, ophthalmological clinics, and optical establishments. Likewise, from our international project, we plan diffusion strategies in social networks to approach the knowledge about the use of sunglasses in the sport to the population. Our strategies will allow increasing the knowledge to the population about the different colours, category filters, as normative of the sunglasses from their health referral centres. Our content generation strategies will improve the visibility in social networks, as well as significantly will improve the web positioning naturally. Through our strategies, the specialties of the online projects of ophthalmology, optometry and optics will be more visible. 

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