Optometry and ophthalmology courses require personalized strategies
Optometry and ophthalmology courses require personalized strategies
Marketing para ópticas
Marketing para ópticas

Optometry and contactology courses

» Different courses are available in ophthalmology and optometry. » Training programs are available in various formats...

Optometry is the science that studies the visual system mainly, whilst contactology is the specialty that studies the adaptation of contact lenses. Concretely, optometry and contactology are specialties in continue evolution, precisely due to the high activity in the academic training as in papers presented by recognized professionals in journals as in international scientific societies. Likewise, ophthalmology, low vision or even visual therapy among others, are specialties which research and formation are essential and there are numerous professionals of high prestige internationally. Precisely, in Pubmed Central database are available numerous international scientific articles published that improves the knowledge of the optometry and ophthalmology specialties.

"Our strategies allow the personalized spread of presential, distance, online and virtual courses and training programs in all Spanish speaking countries" 

In addition to obtaining a graduate degree, it is necessary to increase the academic formation about the specialties of optometry to have maximum possibilities of access to an employment. Precisely, optometry allows acquiring knowledge in diverse specialties as low vision, visual therapy, ophthalmology or contactology among others… In addition, currently is frequent work in ophthalmological clinics, laboratories or research departments with physicists, mathematicians, ophthalmologists, chemicals or computer technicians, among others. For these reasons, it is convenient to complete the formation with postgraduate courses, doctorate studies or master's degrees, which allows acquiring sufficient knowledge to obtain an employment. Concretely, from our international project ConsultoriaVisual.com we are aware of the importance of the formation imparted in universities and in other online platforms to improve the knowledge. Our customized content marketing and social media strategies allow that postgraduate and master’s degrees from universities be more known by the academic community, enhancing considerably the international prestige of the training programs. Improving the content of the courses, students will know better the agenda of the courses; as well the number of matriculations will increase. Also by means of the content generation about the diverse specialties of the formative programs, natural positioning will increase improving the online visibility. Likewise, the prestige of the formation project also will increase with our personalized strategies. Our strategies are important because in this advanced and technologic world all the people uses the internet as also social networks. For this reason, it is necessary to develop the adequate strategies to spread adequately the courses on the internet, as also in the diverse social networks. 

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