To implant accommodative intraocular lenses in necessary to analyse visual acuity at all distances
To implant accommodative intraocular lenses in necessary to analyse visual acuity at all distances
Marketing para ópticas
Marketing para ópticas

Optical quality of Accommodative Intraocular Lenses

» Accommodative intraocular lenses attempt to increase the amplitude of accommodation. » Its technology has advanced.

Presbyopia is a condition that induces a gradual loss of near vision with the age. Mainly, the progressive loss of the accommodation ability in presbyopia patients occurs as consequence of ciliary muscle, zonular fibres, and crystalline lens changes. In addition to the alternatives to compensate presbyopia as multifocal contact lenses or progressive glasses, other surgical treatments to improve the near vision have been developed. Concretely, to improve near vision in presbyopic patient's multifocal corneal ablation techniques, scleral expansion surgery, monovision, intrastromal devices or Premium Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) among others have been introduced. Precisely, different innovations have been developed in the material as the design of the accommodative IOLs with the introduction of dual-optic IOLs, single-optic IOLs or those that provide accommodation modifying its curvature or through fluids, among other principles… 

"Different innovations have been developed in the technology of accommodative intraocular lenses to increase the amplitude of accommodation in patients with presbyopia"

Due to the innovations realized in the technology of accommodative intraocular lenses, different scientific studies about its amplitude of accommodation as about its optical and visual quality have been published. For example, it is necessary postoperatively to analyse visual acuity at all distances, as contrast sensitivity, reading speed and optical quality by means of different diagnostic devices… Due to the need of communicating the innovations realized in accommodative intraocular lenses, as its quality visual outcomes, from, we plan content marketing and social media strategies in online platforms of ophthalmologic clinics and hospitals in all Spanish speaking countries. Our strategies of content generation and diffusion in social networks allow that the population receives more information about the operating principle of the accommodative intraocular lenses. Likewise, from our international project we edit contents for the diffusion of postgraduate courses and master’s degrees to spread the clinical trials outcomes, as publications in international journals and in scientific societies. 



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Categories: Technology; Presbyopia; Intraocular Lenses; Cataracts; Surgery

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