It is necessary to control the blood glucose levels in patients with diabetes mellitus
It is necessary to control the blood glucose levels in patients with diabetes mellitus
Marketing para ópticas
Marketing para ópticas

Ocular pathologies associated to diabetes mellitus

» If diabetes mellitus is not controlled may induce ocular alterations. » It is necessary to inform about its medical treatments.

Diabetes mellitus is a systemic vascular pathology characterized by an inability to regulate glucose levels, being classified as Type 1 or Type 2 according to if patients are insulin dependent or non-insulin dependent, respectively. To control blood glucose levels is necessary to maintain a balanced diet according to the advice provided by doctors or nutritionists. In addition to nutrition, regular and moderate sports practice, as likewise periodical examinations are recommended. These advices are even more necessary considering that scientific studies estimate that the prevalence of diabetes mellitus in the world population will increase in the next two decades

"Visual examinations are essential in patients with diabetes mellitus to prevent the manifestation of ocular alterations"

If blood glucose levels are not adequately controlled, different systemic alterations in the human body may be induced. However, diabetes mellitus is a disease which also induces alterations in the eyeball. Concretely, among the principal ocular manifestations when blood glucose levels are not controlled, neovascular glaucoma, iris rubeosis, cataracts, muscular ocular alterations or diabetic retinopathy among others may appear. For example, diabetic retinopathy is a retinal pathology that much has been investigated and visual screenings are realized to prevent the ocular alterations that induce its progression in the retina. Likewise, the visual screenings to diagnosis and prevent the damage induced with the progression of diabetic retinopathy are realized by means of mydriatic and non-mydriatic retinography in ophthalmological consultations. Due to the ocular manifestations (signs and symptoms) that diabetes may induce in the eyeball, are necessary periodic ophthalmologic examinations as visual screenings in patients diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. Precisely, from our international project, we plan content marketing and social media strategies about the pathologies associated with diabetes mellitus in online platforms of ophthalmological clinics, hospitals and optical establishments in Spanish speaking countries. Our strategies will allow increasing the importance of periodic ophthalmological examinations, as likewise to inform on its prevention, diagnosis, and its treatment. Also, from our international project we edit contents about the ocular pathologies associated with diabetes mellitus for the diffusion of postgraduate courses or master’s degrees with the aim that academy community receives more information about the different training programs. Our content generation strategies will improve the visibility in social networks, as well as significantly will improve the web positioning naturally. Through our strategies, the specialties of the online projects of ophthalmology, optometry and optics will be more visible. 


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