It has been suggested that blue light emitted by the screens induces visual alterations
It has been suggested that blue light emitted by the screens induces visual alterations
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Exposure to blue light emitted by digital devices

» It has been suggested that blue light of the screens induce visual alterations. » There are alternatives to reduce its exposure. 

It is known that blue light emitted by digital devices as computers, laptops or tablets induces alterations in the dream due to the suppression of the melatonin hormone. Concretely, the alterations produced in the dream when digital devices are used previously to going to bed are induced by variations in the circadian rhythm. However, also different international scientific studies have reported that blue light of high energy induces damage to the retina. However, the eyeball has a natural mechanism to filter and prevent the damage that the exposure to blue light of high energy induces. For example, the crystalline lens is a transparent structure that in its youth allows the vision at different distances, although with the age due to normal process it is opacified. Precisely, during the opacification process, the crystalline lens acquires a yellowish-brown colour. This tonality allows that the crystalline lens acts as a filter, and prevents that the blue light of high energy passes through the lens. In addition to the crystalline lens protection, the retina has pigments that filter the blue light in the macular area. By means of the crystalline lens and the macular pigment, the eyeball protects naturally from the damage that induces the exposure to the blue light of high energy. 

"Although blue light of high energy emitted by digital screens as computers, laptops, tablets or mobiles may induce alterations in the vision, the eyeball has natural mechanisms to filter the blue light and avoid the damage that induces"

Although the eyeball protects naturally of the damage that may induce the blue light of high energy, it may be necessary to extreme the precaution especially in patients diagnosed of Age-Related Macular Degeneration, as in vulnerable patients, among others. Concretely, to prevent the damage caused by exposure to blue light emitted by digital devices, ocular protection filters for screens that absorb the mentioned radiation have been designed. Precisely, these protective filters are available for computers, laptops, tablets, or even mobiles in different dimensions. Nevertheless, in addition to the above, other alternatives for absorbing blue light as intraocular lenses, contact lenses or ophthalmic lenses have been developed. From our international project, we plan content marketing strategies in online platforms about the alterations induced by the blue light of high energy, as we provide advice or recommendations according to the different alternatives to avoid its exposure. 


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