If in the snow sunglasses with ultraviolet filter are not used, snow blindness may be developed
If in the snow sunglasses with ultraviolet filter are not used, snow blindness may be developed
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Diagnosis and treatment of snow blindness

» Snow blindness is produced by ultraviolet light exposure in the snow. » It is necessary to protect the vision of the ultraviolet light.

Overexposure to ultraviolet radiation especially in maritime places or in high mountain may induce skins and ocular alterations. For example, the overexposure to solar radiation when homologated sunglasses with an ultraviolet filter are not used may induce different lesions in the conjunctive. Precisely, pinguecula and pterygium are the principal conjunctival pathologies produced by exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Also of the clinical experience, numerous international scientific studies have been published in Pubmed Central database about its prevention, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment mainly. Such information provides important knowledge to the professionals and to the academic community. 

"To prevent snow blindness by ultraviolet light exposure, is necessary to use sunglasses with high category in the snow in the sports practice" 

Pterygium and pinguecula are conjunctival pathologies that more commonly appears in summer with the rise of solar radiation, especially in maritime places. Also, pterygium and pinguecula are pathologies that are common in sailors due to high exposure to ultraviolet radiation induced by water reflection. However, sunglasses with ultraviolet filter must be used also in the snow because more solar radiation is reflected. Concretely, if homologated sunglasses with appropriate category and ultraviolet filter for high mountain or snow is not used, ocular pathologies as snow blindness may develop, among others... This conjunctival pathology induces ocular redness, photophobia, lacrimation or pain among other symptoms, and may even affect to the visual acuity. Precisely, from our international project ConsultoriaVisual.com we edit clinical-scientific contents about the importance to protect the vision in the snow or also in the mountain for ophthalmologic clinics. Likewise, from our international project, we plan content marketing and social media strategies about the snow blindness for the diffusion of postgraduate courses and master’s degrees with the aim that international academic community receives more information about the training programs. Also by means of the content generation about the diverse specialties of the formative programs, natural positioning will increase improving the online visibility. Likewise, the prestige of the formation project also will increase with our personalized strategies. Our international strategies are important because in this advanced and technologic world all the people use the internet as also social networks. For this reason, it is necessary to develop the adequate strategies to spread adequately the courses on the internet, as also in the diverse social networks. 

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