It is necessary to control intraocular pressure in ophthalmologic consultation
It is necessary to control intraocular pressure in ophthalmologic consultation
Marketing para ópticas
Marketing para ópticas

Control of intraocular pressure

» Different treatments allow controlling the intraocular pressure. » Some treatments are medicines or surgery.

Glaucoma is an ocular pathology that if is not diagnosed can induce damage to the optic nerve by the increase of intraocular pressure produced by alterations in the production or also in the drainage of the aqueous humour. When the damage to the optic nerve occurs by an increase in the intraocular pressure, is possible that the patients don’t perceive the loss of vision. Concretely, in early stages, the visual loss is not perceived for the patients because it begins from the periphery of the visual field. However, if the visual loss progress and glaucoma are not diagnosed or planned treatment to regulate intraocular pressure, the damage to the vision will continue. Produced the visual loss with the progression of glaucoma, the vision cannot be restored. Precisely, the prevention and early diagnosis to control intraocular pressure by means of tonometry are important especially in the population with major risk. Likewise, ophthalmological periodic revisions will prevent the visual loss and the deterioration in the quality of life. 


If is necessary reduce the intraocular pressure to avoid the damage in the optic nerve head (ONH) with the time, depending on glaucoma diagnosed different treatments may be required. Precisely, diverse national and international studies published analyse the outcomes of intraocular pressure and visual quality obtained with the different treatments (medicines or surgery) of glaucoma. The diverse studies published inform about the epidemiology of glaucoma, as also its treatment or some complications, among others… Due to the visual repercussion that glaucoma induces in the vision, as the advantages realized in the international investigations, is necessary to approach the knowledge to the population about the treatments to control intraocular pressure. 

"The increase in the intraocular pressure if it is not diagnosed by tonometry may induce alterations in the visual field with the progression of glaucoma"

From we plan content marketing strategies in online platforms of ophthalmological clinics and hospitals in Spanish speaking countries about the different classifications of glaucoma, its definition, its causes, its clinical diagnosis (perimetry, tonometry...), its symptoms and its different treatments. By means of our strategies, the population will be more aware of the need to revise periodically the intraocular pressure. Likewise, from our international project we edit contents about glaucoma for the diffusion of postgraduate courses or master’s degrees to provide more information on the different training programs at national and international level. 

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