To control the progression of childhood myopia it is necessary to graduate the vision of the children
To control the progression of childhood myopia it is necessary to graduate the vision of the children
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Control of childhood myopia

» Several factors are associated with the progression of childhood myopia. » Treatments to slow its progression have been proposed. 

The evolution of childhood myopia concerns considerably to the parents of children who suffer it because the graduation may continue increasing up to 20 years approximately. Nowadays, due to the children from earlier ages are familiarized with news technologies, has been suggested that besides the genetic component, environmental factors as the excessive use of digital screens in near vision play an important role in the progression of childhood myopia. In addition, because graduation varies in a short time, is easy to understand the problem of its progression. Therefore, is important to diagnose childhood myopia as soon as possible and control its progression. Concretely, with the aim to reduce its progression, various treatments and strategies have been proposed, although some of them have shown ineffective outcomes. In all the situations is necessary to be prudent with the information provided about the different treatments for the control of myopia, and always with a scientific base. Currently, several national and international scientific studies about the effectiveness and outcomes in the reduction of the progression of the childhood myopia by means of different doses of ophthalmic drops as atropine have been published. Likewise, orthokeratology (Ortho-k) is also presented as an alternative for reducing the progression of childhood myopia. Precisely, the visual and ocular outcomes obtained to control de progression of childhood myopia have been published in multiple international journals and congresses. 

"It has been suggested that the excessive, inadequate and prolonged use of digital screens as tablets, mobiles, consoles or computers among others may influence in the progression of childhood myopia"

The scientific outcomes to control the progression of childhood myopia are advancing considerably, and it is appropriate to approach that knowledge to the population. Precisely, from our international project we are experts in providing information about childhood myopia to the population. By means of our strategies the population will be completely informed about its prevention, its treatments, and the principal advances developed internationally from the respective platforms of optical establishments, hospitals, and ophthalmological clinics. Likewise, from our international project, we plan content marketing strategies about childhood myopia for the diffusion of postgraduate courses and master’s degrees to provide more information about the training programs national and internationally. 


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