Computer Visual Syndrome is produced by the prolonged use of digital screens
Computer Visual Syndrome is produced by the prolonged use of digital screens
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Computer Vision Syndrome by use of digital screens

» The prolonged use of screens produces visual symptoms. » It is possible to reduce the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome.

The innovations and developments realized on digital screens have allowed a revolutionary advance in our daily lives. Specifically, the digital screens are used for personal entertainment, and for our work activities. However, if a suitable position in front of the computers is not adopted, muscle aches may appear in the neck or back mainly. Concretely, most consultations in the health services are produced by pain and wrist numbness, a condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome due to the compression of the median nerve. In addition to the above, when an ergonomic position is not adopted or due to a prolonged and inadequate use of computers, tablets, laptops or mobiles, symptoms as blurred vision, ocular fatigue or dry eye can be manifested. Precisely, the symptoms produced by a prolonged or inadequate use of digital screens are known as Computer Vision Syndrome.

"The Computer Vision Syndrome by prolonged or inadequate use of digital screens produces symptoms in the population such as dry eye, visual fatigue or blurred vision mainly"

Because the frequent use of digital screens is normal in the professional and personal life, the manifestation of such symptoms in the population is relatively common and frequent motive of consultation in the sanitary centres. For example, it is common to see in the consultations that young patient's present accommodative spasm that impedes relax the vision in far distances. Concretely, this accommodative spasm is produced by a long time of concentration in near vision when visual breaks in distance vision not are made, among other important recommendations. Indeed, because of its high incidence in the population, from our international project ConsultoriaVisual.comwe plan content marketing and social media strategies about the Computer Vision Syndrome in online platforms from ophthalmological clinics, hospitals, and optical establishments in all Spanish speaking countries. Our strategies will increase the knowledge to the population about the importance of its prevention. Concretely, visual periodic breaks in distant vision and the use of adequate light are recommended to prevent the symptomatology, among other advice. Likewise, from our international project we edit contents about the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome for the diffusion of postgraduate courses or master’s degrees internationally. Our content generation strategies will improve the visibility in social networks, as well as significantly will improve the web positioning naturally. Through our strategies, the specialties of the online projects of ophthalmology, optometry and optics will be more visible. 


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1. Javier Tomás-Juan. Síndrome Visual Informático por uso prolongado de tabletas u ordenadores. Franja Visual Colombia. 2016; 26(149): 56-57.


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