Corneal topography is a diagnostic Device of high utility in ophthalmologic consultation
Corneal topography is a diagnostic Device of high utility in ophthalmologic consultation
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Clinical applications of corneal topography

» Corneal topography is a diagnostic device of high utility in clinical practice» Its technology has advanced considerably. 

Corneal topographers are clinical devices which are widely used in ophthalmological consulting to analyse the corneal morphology. As it is known, corneal topographers are classified depending on whether projection or reflection techniques to obtain images are used. Precisely, important advantages and innovations in the technology of corneal topographers have been realized. For example, corneal topographers based in Placid discs, Scheimpflug or LED technology, among others has been developed. However, corneal topographers that analyse both corneal surfaces provide more information because the influence of the corneal posterior surface in the visual quality has been reported scientifically. 

"Different corneal topographers have been developed, as those based on Placid discs, Scheimpflug technology, or more recently those that use LEDs light to obtain information about the corneal morphology, among others..."

Corneal topography provides important information on the curvature, power, and corneal aberrations. Likewise, the devices that analyse both corneal surfaces provide even the corneal thickness, visual quality analysis, between many maps. The wide information provided allows that the clinical applications of the corneal topography be multiples. Concretely, corneal topographers are useful in corneal pathologies (keratoconus, keratoglobus, pellucid marginal degeneration…), corneal refractive surgery (LASIK, PRK, SMILE…), or even in certain surgeries (intrastromal rings, keratoplasty, cross-linking…) among others… Likewise, some corneal devices based on Scheimpflug technology incorporates glaucoma, intrastromal rings, contact lenses, cataract, pupillometry, keratoconus or densitometry summary modules, among others… Above to the clinical applications described, corneal topographers allow the exportation of the corneal information to the laser platforms in order to prepare refractive surgery treatments. Precisely, from we plan content marketing and social media strategies about the operating principle and clinical applications of the corneal topographers in online platforms of optical establishments, hospitals as ophthalmological clinics in Spanish speaking countries. Likewise, from our international project we edit content in postgraduate courses and master’s degrees about the corneal topography. By means of our strategies, the academic community will receive more information about the training programs of the universities or other online platforms.


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