Night myopia induces blurring during driving in low light conditions
Night myopia induces blurring during driving in low light conditions
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Causes and symptoms of night myopia

» Night myopia induces blurring in low light conditions. » The symptoms induced by night myopia make driving difficult.

Vision is one of the most important senses which allow interpreting the information that we perceive from the outside. However, in order that the image is formed in the retina and then transmitted for its interpretation in the brain, diverse are the structures of the eyeball that influencing in this process. Thus, for example, cornea, crystalline lens dioptric power and the axial length of the eyeball are factors that directly have influence in the focalisation of the rays in the retina. Concretely, depending on where light rays focalised in the retina when through the eyeball structures will induce emmetropia, myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism. For example, when light rays focus on the retina, the refractive state of the eyeball is known as emmetropia. Nevertheless, if light rays focus before the retina myopia will induce, and if they focus after the retina hyperopia will induce. Despite the enormous influence of the dioptric power of the eyeball on the formation of the images, its quality varies also depending on the pupilar diameter. Precisely, under low light conditions when pupilar diameter increases, patients with no graduation, myopia or astigmatism mainly may experience blurring due to night myopia. 

"Night myopia induces blurring in low light conditions when pupillary diameter increases, making night-time driving difficult"

In night conditions, the pupilar diameter increases with the aim of increasing the amount of light entering in the eyeball to form the image on the retina. Such pupillary dilatation in night conditions occurs similarly that the contraction natural of the pupil that is induced in diurnal conditions to protect the eyeball from the damage that may induce the excess of light. However, the increase of pupillary diameter in low lighting conditions induces the condition known as night myopia, which induces blurring especially in distant vision regardless of whether ophthalmic or contact lenses are used. Nevertheless, the visual symptoms induced by night myopia are frequently perceived when we transited by poorly lit streets, or also commonly when driving on poorly lit roads. Precisely, the blurring induced by night myopia difficult the visibility of the traffic signals in far distances and the perception of vehicles during driving. Although one of the main causes attributable to the visual symptoms induced by night myopia is the influence of pupil diameter under low light conditions, other factors have been reported that influencing in this condition. Concretely, scientific studies published in Pubmed Central have also associated its manifestation to a natural mechanism of overaccommodation of the crystalline lens. This mechanism of overaccommodation is induced with the aim of improving the vision in night conditions, although finally sharpness is not achieved but blurring. Because the importance of performing a visual revision when night myopia is manifested, from we edit contents about its symptoms for optical establishments, hospitals and ophthalmological clinics in all Spanish speaking countries. Our strategies allow that the content published on the online platforms of sanitary centers be more known due to our SEO positioning web and social media strategies. In addition, because the importance of the diffusion of the content, from our project we edit contents by means of innovation strategies through of the image design with Photoshop.

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