Kiwi is a fruit that has benefits for the vision
Kiwi is a fruit that has benefits for the vision
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Antioxidant benefits of kiwi fruit in the vision

» Kiwi fruit has beneficial antioxidant properties for the vision. » Zeaxanthin and lutein in kiwi fruit protects against DMAE.

The ocular structures because at birth have not been completely formed, need time to develop. The maturation process of ocular structures is completed at the age of adolescence. However, in addition to reviewing that its maturity process during the adolescence is developing properly by means of ophthalmologic revisions, it is necessary to maintain a healthy diet. For example, an adequate diet prevents or delay the oxidation process that is induced in the ocular structures with the time in the adulthood. Concretely, the oxidation process that occurs in the ocular structures not only manifests in the eyeball but also occurs naturally in other structures or organs of the human body with age. However, because the oxidation process that occurs naturally in the eyeball structures can induce the presence of certain ocular pathologies, it is necessary to maintain an adequately diet to prevent or delay them. Specifically, to prevent alterations induced by the oxidation process of the eyeball structures, it is advisable to maintain a healthy diet rich in vitamins, trace elements, omega-3 fatty acids, or foods rich in antioxidants such as kiwi, among others…

"Kiwi is a fruit that has antioxidant properties. As kiwi contains zeaxanthin and lutein, is considered a recommended fruit to include in the diet because protects against Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)"

Kiwi is a fruit originally from China that has multiple beneficial properties in the vision. For example, because kiwi is a food rich in zeaxanthin and lutein protects against the appearance of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) preventing the formation of free radicals. Also, it has been proved that foods rich in zeaxanthin and lutein improve the density of macular pigment, as well as the functioning of photosensitive cells to light located in the retina, known as photoreceptors. Specifically, kiwi is a recommended food to include in the diet because, although in youth the macula is rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, with the age its concentration decreases. Because lutein and zeaxanthin cannot be synthesized by our organism, it is necessary to ingest them in the diet. However, kiwi is not the only fruit rich in lutein and zeaxanthin to be included in the diet, but there are a variety of fruits and even vegetables that provide greater or lesser concentration of such carotenoid pigments so important for vision. In addition, kiwi is a fruit recommended for visual care because it contains not only lutein and zeaxanthin but also has vitamin C, which is also a potent antioxidant. Precisely, because the importance of maintaining a healthy diet for vision care, from our international project we edit contents about antioxidant foods such as kiwi fruit for ophthalmological clinics, hospitals and optical establishments in all Spanish speaking countries. Through the customized strategies of our international project, we edit content by means of web positioning SEO strategies to optimizing search engine content. Likewise, we also plan strategies to spread content in social networks to improve the interaction with users, as we manage the edition of images on the vision to create quality content.


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1. Javier Tomás-Juan. Beneficios del kiwi para la salud visual. Franja Visual. 2017 Oct; 27(156):70-71.

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