While driving is advisable to use polarized sunglasses
While driving is advisable to use polarized sunglasses
Marketing para ópticas
Marketing para ópticas

Advice to choose sunglasses

» It is advisable to drive with polarized sunglasses. » Category of the sunglasses must be properly chosen.

Sunglasses, in addition to being considered as a fashionable complement, acquire very important functions in the prevention of ocular pathologies by ultraviolet radiation exposure. Precisely, scientific studies realized estimate that for every hour that homologated sunglasses not are used, the risk of ocular pathologies induced by ultraviolet radiation exposure increases approximately a 4%. For example, ultraviolet radiation exposure may induce cornea, crystalline lens, retina and conjunctiva pathologies among others... Concretely, overexposure to ultraviolet radiation may induce conjunctival pathologies as pterygium and pinguecula, mainly. Such conjunctival pathologies are frequent in maritime places or in tropical areas due to the sand and the sea reflects more ultraviolet radiation. However, visual and ocular alterations induced by ultraviolet radiation exposure may appear even in high mountain and in the snow in adults, besides of in summer. In addition, if necessary protection measures to ultraviolet radiation exposure are not adopted, visual alterations will appear even in children. Precisely, the visual system of the children is more vulnerable to the ultraviolet radiation because the crystalline lens in his youth doesn't provide enough protection to ultraviolet light. 

"Polarized sunglasses while driving improves the visibility, reduce glare and provide better contrast vision. Also, sunglasses with ultraviolet filter protects the vision of ocular pathologies"

To ensure that sunglasses protect adequately of the ultraviolet radiation exposure, it is necessary to acquire the sunglasses in authorized optical establishments, which will comply the current European regulations. In addition, the optometrist will provide advice about the colour or category of the sunglasses depending on the visual needs of the patients. For example, during conduction is recommendable the utilization of polarized sunglasses, which will avoid glares providing a clearer vision and more contrast. However, sunglasses with high category recommended in aquatic sports, in the snow or in high mountain, are not adequate for driving due to the difficult in the perception of the traffic signals. Precisely, from our international project ConsultoriaVisual.com, we plan content marketing and social media strategies about how to choose sunglasses depending on the visual needs, as provide inform about the importance of the prevention of ocular pathologies by ultraviolet radiation exposure. Our content generation strategies will improve the visibility in social networks, as well as natural web positioning will improve significantly. Through our customized strategies, the specialties of the online projects of ophthalmology, optometry and optics will be more visible internationally. 

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